A Seismic shift from Brand Loyalty to Interface Loyalty by Marc Shillum

The power of Brand Loyalty is diminishing, According to a recent article published in Forbes, 90% of the leading household goods brands are losing market share on consistently low-growth categories and a Deloitte study shows 73% of consumer packaged goods categories are showing a decline in their status as a must-have, even when on sale. There are more philosophies as to why this is happening than there are facts but it's having a huge effect on go-to-market cost.

To combat this, I believe that loyalty needs to become the responsibility of the product team rather than the marketing team. As product designers and engineers, we’re not just designing the product we are about to launch, we are also designing the potential product advocacy for all subsequent products. The ‘Stickiness’ of an interface is the solution to the rising cost of acquisition and the waning rate of retention. I call this thought ‘Interface Loyalty’.

by Marc Shillum, Original Published, Originally Published 25 October.2016 by PSFK.

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Branding Is About Creating Patterns, Not Repeating Messages by Marc Shillum

Brands today exist in multiple mediums, defined by multiple voices. The media brands inhabit is iterative, with no beginning, no end, and little permanency. In that context, adherence to a big idea and endless repetition of centralized, fixed rules can make a brand seem unresponsive and out of step with its audience. But without repetition, how does a brand create consistency? And without consistency, how does a brand maintain value?

by Marc Shillum, Original Published, Fast Company – 23.June.2011

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10 Ways to Build Wealth Through Wellbeing by Marc Shillum

In Silicon Valley, it’s all too easy to get pre-occupied with the massive wealth that can be generated from a smart insight into emerging technology. But when you begin to look closer at the idea of wealth, it begins to reveal something more profound. The word wealth isn’t derived from financial acumen, smart investment or economic prowess – wealth is derived from wellbeing. And when you begin to think about wealth in these terms, focus shifts from fundraising, the next massive IPO or market-capitalization, toward the net effect that technology can have on those who need it most.

by Marc Shillum, Original Published, World Economic Forum – 26.August.2015

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Becoming a Surfer In the Business of Change by Marc Shillum

If you’re on the receiving end of a $2,000,000 proposal do you trust the big branding agency who sent it?’ Are they set up to find the solution we need? Is their model from the past? Or are they more comfortable in a safer, less dynamic world? Are they the runner? Or the surfer? – A provocative argument challenges conventional brand engagements and consultancies.

by Marc Shillum, Original Published, PSFK – 18.March.2016


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