Our Model:

Organized around the Uniqueness of your Problem. 
We don't sell standardized solutions. We intentionally set up each engagement like a custom business dedicated to solve a specific problem. We believe that the unique nature of each problem will define and shape the unique value of the solution.

Building a Common Language
We've developed a set of proprietary frameworks and methodologies inspired by our founder’s seminal thinking on Brand Patterns. The frameworks have been honed through combining and correlating the best thinking in Brand, Marketing, Experience Design, Interaction Design and Product Strategy. Building frameworks that draw from a multitude of disciplines creates empathy between people with different skills, forming a common language that helps drive stronger, more aligned creative work.

Using these frameworks we have learnt how to create brands at the speed of the market and help clients market at the speed of their product. Using common frameworks has helped our clients identify patterns across their product experiences creating a more coherent experience for their customers thus Increasing levels of engagement, acquisition and retention.  

Creating Intelligent Spaces
We're located in California. But unlike most design companies we don't have a swanky office. Rather than having a fixed location, we prefer to create a unique space around each project, Whether that means creating a project room on campus, finding a custom space off campus or creating an entire space from scratch we feel that designing a space in which we work is as important as designing the end deliverable. Our Office is located wherever it can provide the most influence on solving the creative problem.

Composing Bespoke Teams
CCO doesn't employ a fixed staff. We create custom teams around each engagement. We will never sell you on a senior team but then deliver interns and you get to help hand pick the right mix of creative talent to solve the problem. By using hand-picked dedicated team members who work together on a single project we are able to access the limitless power of a braintrust. Passionate Individuals who have great empathy and believe in the brilliance of the outcome over and above the vertical skills of their discipline. 

This level of flexibility means we're able to embed within a client to expand the creative muscle. Or coach an existing client team to connect disciplines across the customer experience. Or source manufacturing, development or engineering. Or simply manage a product or brand engagement independently.

Employing Connected Capabilities
We deliver coherence across the entire Customer Journey. Sometimes we design User Interfaces. Sometimes we Name Products. Sometimes we create Brand Identity Systems. Sometimes we write Scripts or Create Advertising Campaigns. Sometimes we Define Motion, or Behavior. Sometimes we Design Hardware. Sometimes we Align Product, Marketing and Technology roadmaps. Sometimes we Build Messaging. Sometimes we redesign businesses from the ground up. But mostly, we connect all of these together because it creates greater value for our clients and more coherent experiences for their customers.